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Is your General Ledger clean and up to date? If not, the financial reports coming from your accounting system are likely misleading.

Rumford Accounting has experience managing General Ledgers. We implement strong procedures and controls to insure that financial reports are meaningful and trustworthy. We reconcile bank accounts monthly and verify that other balance sheet accounts tie to subsidiary ledgers.  We also review income and expense transactions to be sure they are recorded to the proper accounts.

Every business needs an efficient revenue stream. If services are  provided, bills must be sent. And if bills are sent, payments must be received from customers. Sounds simple enough. But “simple” doesn't happen without some assistance from accounting personnel. 

Rumford Accounting will help you establish processes to create timely billing invoices. We will also follow-up with customers when those invoices have not been paid on time.

Your business partners expect you to pay on time for their services, just as you depend on your customers to pay on time for the products and services you provide. It can be a real challenge to maximizing earnings on cash balances while properly paying bills according to vendors’ various payment terms.


Rumford Accounting can help find bill payment solutions that allow for easy management of bill payments.




Paying employees and handling tax filings can be a headache without proper systems in place. Thankfully, most small businesses can manage these tasks with an affordable online payroll service and a good plan.


Rumford Accounting will help you identify the best payroll solutions for your business. We also serve as the control feature, making sure everything is working correctly and payroll transactions are properly posted to the General Ledger.

It's a big step to have a good, clean financial statement ... but what is that financial report telling you?  There's a lot of numbers, but what do they mean?  Unfortunately, many are embarrassed to ask these questions.  

Rumford Accounting can help you dig deeper into the financial information of your business and give you a better chance of understanding where things stand. We can also assist in identifying and measuring key success indicators and trends.

Business leaders often wrestle with questions like: “Can I afford to buy the equipment that will help us grow? Should I add to our staff? How much financial wiggle room do we have to make some changes?” Financial statements don’t always have the answers to these questions.


Rumford Accounting has forecasting and budgeting experience to support business leaders as they make difficult decisions.

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