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It’s easy to fall behind on financial management when your business takes off. But, if you don’t have accurate financial information, it's hard to plan for the future.




Rumford Accounting helps overwhelmed business leaders gain control of their financial information. We work face-to-face with businesses in Kansas that have outgrown do-it-yourself recordkeeping, but aren’t ready to hire a full-time accounting staff.



  • Timely, efficient processing of receivables, payables, and payroll.

  • More time to pursue your business passion.

  • Accurate financial records for better decision making.

  • Personal, close relationship with accountant.

Get to know Darren Rumford

Your trusted partner for sustainable business growth


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Darren Rumford, a Kansas native, has 38 years of accounting experience. He has used a variety of accounting systems and processes. Every business is unique, yet share common traits that must be managed properly. Most of Darren’s career has focused on finding solutions and building efficiency  something every business should pursue.  (Continue reading)


Financial Reporting










The financial support
you need to make smart, informed decisions and grow your business.
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